Two men brawl with each other on hard shoulder of busy M20 despite incoming trucks

Two men have been filmed fighting on the hard shoulder of the M20, risking to be hit by incoming trucks.

A video recorded by an unidentified witness shows the men throwing punches at each other on the side of the road.

The clip begins with a man who seems to be unknown to those fighting, yelling: “Keep your hands up I want to see fair play.”

At some point, the two men can be seen heading towards the main lane despite motorists shouting and honking at them.

The person filming then says: “Wait, there’s a car. There’s a car, mate.”

Then, as the pair keep punching each other, a woman who appears to be with one of the men can be seen intervening and yelling.

She apparently hits one of the men before telling him to “f**k off” – but this is not enough to stop the fight.

During the brawl, the two men throw wild punches at each other but it is not clear whether any of them was hurt.

The woman can also be heard shouting: “Go on!”

As the men grapple with each other, they almost fall into the main lane as shocked motorists pass by.

One of the men then takes off his blue t-shirt because it is ripped as the person filming tells him: “You’re doing him. You’re winning, bro. His nose is bleeding.”

After that, he approaches the other man, who is wearing a grey t-shirt, and threatens him by saying: “Come meet me somewhere else when it ain’t on the motorway.”

A Range Rover and a van can be seen parked on the side of the road.

The incident happened near Maidstone, next to the junction for Blue Bell Hill, last week, Kent Online reports.

The original clip was first shared on Facebook on June 30 and has been watched thousands of times, with social media users describing the scene as “sad” and “embarrassing”.

Kent Police has been contacted for comment.